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Elizabeth Carpenter MSOM, Cl.Hyp., ARTT, L.Ac.

Elizabeth Carpenter is a counselor, hypnotherapist, acupuncturist and herbalist who has helped thousands of people recover their health and transform their lives.

All of her 1:1 work, speaking and teaching are driven by what she's learned through decades of clinical experience: your body heals, your mind becomes your servant, and your heart frees when you are ready for a miracle. Miracles are radical, wonderful transformations within.

You can expect her frank, compassionate, empowering style to guide you [or your audience] to open your heart, rewire your mind and cue your body for lasting, positive, permanent change.

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Transformational 1:1 Programs & Sessions

Would you like to know where the door is to the the part of yourself that truly serves you?

To the resilient you that can't be hijacked by fear or anxiety? To your higher self that guides and encourages you?

  • You can switch on self-healing.
  • You can transform into the you that you long to be, the more authentic and powerful you.
  • You can learn to silence your inner critic, stop doubting and judging yourself.
  • You can have rock solid confidence, high self-esteem and deep self-trust.
  • You can do all of these things and much more.

You were born equipped for life, programmed for health, and deeply connected within.

And you can reclaim all of it right now. The door is waiting for you to open it.

If you feel like darkness has been sneaking up on you, and haven't known how to get on the other side of it, or you struggle with self-worth and negative self-talk, or you feel lost under the weight of health problems,

Then I invite you to an authentic, hopeful, and rapid transformational process to bring real joyful change into your life.

People are often surprised at the well-being shift that begins in our very first session.

I look forward to witnessing the powerful, positive changes you experience, and seeing you passionately enjoy your untapped potential.


RTT Hypnotherapy

Rapid Transformational Therapy

Overcome fears, release limiting beliefs and harmonize your conscious & subconscious mind to achieve your health, success & abundance goals.

  • Single Sessions
  • Hypnotherapy Coaching Program
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Next Level Healing Program

Develop the mind, health and spiritual skills that will solve your problems now, and serve you for a lifetime.

  • Counseling & Mentoring
  • RTT Hypnotherapy
  • Laser Coaching calls between sessions
  • Everyday text support

Fertility Breakthrough Intensive

The highly successful Overcoming Infertility Program is now a fast-track Intensive!

  • Deep dive East meets West Diagnosis & Evaluation
  • RTT Hypnotherapy eliminates hidden blocks & fertility stress
  • Custom Fertility Nutrition & Supplement Protocol
  • Custom Self-Care Action Plan supercharges Fertility

New Online Course Coming November 2021!

Connected Within

Awaken the part of you that truly serves, guides, heals and encourages you!

Transform anxiety and struggle into inner tranquility, high self-esteem, authentic confidence, inner guidance, and so much more!


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