RTT | Hypnotherapy Sessions & Hypno-Coaching

RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) lives up to its name.

Typically 1-3 Sessions are all you'll need.

What Can RTT Do For You? some of the most common sessions I do are:

  • Overcome Fears
  • Direct the body to heal
  • Increase Self-Esteem
  • Enhance Performance in business, the arts, public speaking, sports
  • Let go of Imposter Syndrome
  • Eliminate Money Blocks
  • Transform Relationships / Attract a Loving Partner

Myths That Need Addressing

First - it's not mind control - you could open your eyes and get up anytime. Whatever they're doing in magician shows - this is not remotely related.

Second - it's very pleasant and anyone can do it. Because hypnosis is something you do to yourself everyday, you'll easily recognize and welcome it as quite familiar.

Here's How It Works

Overview of a Session

You'll enter a very simple, enjoyable, relaxed state where you are both present in conversation with me, and deeply inside your own private world.

Your subconscious mind will get straight to work uncovering the cause of the problem you want solved.

From there your conscious and subconscious mind will collaborate to "update your files" so you move on from it.

You'll listen to a custom audio I make for you for the next 21 days. The audio hardwires your transformation, teaches you to run your mind with authority and empowers you forward in what you want most.

About 2 weeks into your audio, we have our follow-up call to celebrate all your incredible changes and to discuss anything you wish.

As you whole heartedly embrace your powerful, positive changes, life shifts in the most beautiful ways.

Single Sessions

For single, straightforward issues, one session is generally all you need.

Examples would be things like: Self-Confidence, Fear of Public Speaking or Driving, Enhancing Sales Performance, Unblocking Creativity, Money Blocks, etc.

Single Session Format

  • 2hr RTT Session
  • 21-day Custom Audio
  • 30min Follow-up

RTT & Hypnotherapy Coaching

If you have more than one issue or area of life you would like to improve through the liberating, transformative power of hypnosis then Hypnotherapy Coaching may be a better fit.

3-Month Engagement | Each Month Includes

  • 2hr RTT Session
  • 21-day Custom Audio
  • 1 hour coaching session
  • You have access to me through unlimited text.
  • And can request a 5 minute laser coaching call whenever you need.

Request Introductory Consult Call

Thank you! I am so grateful. I have no words to explain how much it helped me. It is like removing the wall that I was carrying in front of me everywhere I would go. I changed so many things in just one day, and I have been trying to do it on my own for many years by reading books and meditating.  I feel free. I have more self confidence and I feel good and comfortable  in my skin. I am receiving compliments everywhere I go. I am so surprised!!!" 

Ljubinka Kulisic

“My first RTT month with Elizabeth we got me over self-esteem issues bothering me since grade school! I totally got my confidence back. The next month we went for my ability to close investors. I work in Silicon Valley and my job is to bring in big money. I could get investors right up to signing but alot would pull out just before signing. Now I'm a serious closer! My final frontier was love. I wanted a great relationship but wasn't even dating. I'm currently seeing a really wonderful gentleman, taking it slow and just enjoying. Elizabeth is funny, caring and effective. I love hypno-coaching and will do it again when I'm ready for even more!"

Steve Ross

“...through a single RTT session I feel that I have gained more clarity, calm and sense of knowing myself than I could have ever gotten through regular intensive therapy. Elizabeth was able to pinpoint and, with great care and compassion, help me work through deep rooted issues I have long struggled with. The outcomes of our work together have been a complete change of mindset, a new calm energy, reduction of stress and anxiety and liberating lightness of being."

Julia Borowicz

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