The Next Level Healing Program

 Are you tired of chasing solutions and ready to heal at a deeper level?

Let's awaken the part of you that truly serves you, heals you, guides you and supports you. 

Dear Seeker,

Are you aware that your very own heart holds the physical and spiritual keys to changing how your brain and body perform?

Are you eager to experience and live in wholeness? the coherent state where the mind, emotions and physical body operate in optimal performance, and wellbeing is normal.

The Next Level Healing Program is a 1:1

Counseling, Coaching, Hypnotherapy & Natural Medicine  program

to bring real transformation and a lifetime of wholeness.

The Mission is Simple ~

  • Transform the problem(s) you face right now.
  • Develop the mind, health and spiritual skills that will serve you forever.

Who Is the Next Level Healing Program right for?

This program is for you if . . .

  • You want more control of your health, emotions and mind
  • You believe it’s all connected, and you want to feel connected within
  • You follow people like Joe Dispenza or Bruce Lipton, know the mind-body connection is real, that your spiritual nature is a great power within you, and that if awakened would transform & up level your health and life completely
  • You’re ready to stop dabbling, jumping around chasing fixes and solutions, and get all-in on accessing and growing this power

Has ill health, darkness or struggle have overtaken you and experts and treatments are not getting you to the other side?

If so, it’s time to awaken and connect within. 

The Universe, Consciousness, God, Innate Intelligence , the Light . . . 

It doesn’t matter how you label the unlimited capacity for thriving that is within you. 

What does matter is that you tune to it. 

Because being connected within is a natural state where all the good stuff happens! And you can cultivate it for true health, achievement, prosperity and real joy.

Healing, self-trust, authenticity, personal power, intuition, self-esteem, oneness, confidence, resilience and so much more are all available to you!

These are all simply aspects of the same coherent state, where the heart and brain unite for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

You deserve to experience health and Life at the Next Level ~ abundance in mind, body and spirit. 

Your personal well-being doesn't just serve you! It serves the conscious universe, your community, your loved ones and the world. 

And so you see, activating and living in your highest good is good. 

Becoming connected within is not hard, because it is a natural state you’re already wired for. 

You will release drag points that hold you back and down. And wellness and wholeness will become your everyday normal. 

You absolutely can open the door to the part of you that truly serves you, guides you, heals you and supports you. 

The Next Level Healing Program facilitates & empowers you to experience:

  • Inner Tranquility 
  • Inner Strength 
  • Inner Guidance 
  • True Healing 
  • Tremendous Resilience 
  • Abiding Self Esteem & Confidence
  • Real Joy

And as a result ~ 

  • Anxiety, fear, guilt, the inner critic have no hold. 
  • Self sabotage, weakness, indecision are replaced by deep knowing and a sense of rightness. 
  • Healing switches on as the body recognizes and responds to this coherent state of inner connectedness.
  • And from there, the miracle of positive change unfolds in every aspect of Life. 

Miracles are radical, wonderful transformations within.

Your body heals. Your mind becomes your servant. Your heart frees.

If you’ve been searching for something to hang onto, a cure or answer, something to take away your pain and problems, you’re not alone. 

Most of us have been taught that miracles happen to us, from an outside source. 

But the truth is, the source of miracles is within you, and is available 24/7 for your peace, prosperity, healing and strength. 

All you need to do is choose it, welcome it, nurture it and direct it. 

Come home to the light within yourself that is healing, is peace, is capable and strong. 

If you are feeling fearful, anxious, stuck or lost under the weight of health issues and are ready for real change, then I invite you to an authentic, hopeful, transformational process proven repeatedly to bring real joyful change.

I look forward to teaching and helping you experience the bounty that Life has for you when you are connected within!


Clients Say . . .

“My experience with Elizabeth was nothing short of life-changing.  She helped me gain an awareness I did not even know was possible. The work set me up to make life-altering decisions that set me on a different course. It allowed me to change my mindset for the future.  Without her and her holistic approach, I would not be in the place I am now.  Even in my day to day life, I am constantly going back to Elizabeth’s teaching to continually right my course. And the audios she makes for you, you'll want to listen to over and over, as I still do all these months later!" 

Sarah Krass

I never met Elizabeth in person due to COVID, but our virtual work was so deeply personal it felt like we were more connected than had we met in her office. I was referred to Elizabeth by my psychologist who swore by her hypnotherapy results. I was having issues where for no medical reason my body would create symptoms like headaches, back aches, ear ringing, stomach pains. Worse, I had this oppressive fear, a vague sense of doom and gloom when I really had so much to be grateful about. Elizabeth's process turned all of this around. It now seems inconceivable that was me! I remember it as an anxious paralyzed feeling. But the combination of counseling and hypnosis and the wonderful homework she'd give me put it in the past like a bad chapter. I feel so connected and rooted in myself. I really enjoy who I am now and feel very confident and optimistic."

Frank Heller

“My first session with Elizabeth was RTT for anxiety, which was incredible and the audio too. In our follow-up I let loose about anger and family issues, fear of speaking up at work although I'm a department head, fear about my sobriety and much more. I enrolled in the Next Level Healing Program which was one of the best decisions of my life. I no longer get possessed by rage. I don't get sucked into drama. I had a crappy childhood but feel completely intact now. I speak up confidently. My sobriety is rock solid. I take care of myself. I'm more patient with my daughter. I could go on and on. This work has changed nearly every aspect of my life for the better. All I can say is, 'Do it!'"

Erin Hoffman

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